Together Everyone Achieves More

Parents and teachers working together, supporting our students
and community members.

Ridgemont Elementary

Parent Teacher Organization Officers
President: Shari Screen
Vice President: Holly Jones
Treasurer: Hayley Summers
Secretary: Mandy Neeley
Executive Board/School Representatives
Administration: Jon Kerr/Lynn Pilcher
Elementary: Heather Moran
Junior High: Peggy Kendall

Our Mission:

Ridgemont Elementary School: Parent Teacher
Organization understands and emphasizes the uniqueness of
every student and recognizes their capability of learning. Our
mission is to promote close relationships at home and school.
Our PTO promotes an effective partnership between the school
and home, by hosting a variety of exciting and educational
activities that involves students, teachers, and parents.

2015-2016 PTO Meetings

*All PTO meetings are at 5:30 unless otherwise noted*
September 15th

October 20th

November 17th

      January 19th        

February 16th   

March 15th

April 19th

May 17th